Jessica Nicole Sauls

Life’s not a bed of roses. And Jessica’s life was no different. Hurt, hatred, rejection, pain, disgust – if you have experienced such feelings, you are not alone. In Jessica’s words, “we are in it together.”
Being dyslexic, she never in a million years thought she would have the courage to share her story with the world and make her mark. During the turbulent times, her strong faith in God kept her grounded and steadfast and transformed her into who she is today.
Today, Jessica Sauls is a successful cosmetologist who runs her own salon in Pooler, Georgia. She lives in Savannah, Georgia. She released her book, You Have to Feel to Deal, sharing her story – her troubles and how she overcame the pain and discovered her strength.

Early Life

Jessica’s early life was very unpleasant, and she had a troubled childhood – abuse, trauma, pain, rejection, loss, and whatnot. To add misery, she had dyslexia, which affected her academic performance.
She comes from a broken family. Her parents were divorced, and she lived with her mother, who re-married an abusive man who was a terrible husband and stepfather.

Education & Work

Although she dropped out of high school, she managed to get herself enrolled in a Master’s in Cosmetology Program in 2015 to achieve her lifelong dream. Paying heed to her true calling, she established her award-winning salon, By Jessica & Co  Beauty Lounge in Pooler, Georgia, now serving her diversified clientele.

Jessica, The Writer: Surviving the Stigma

In childhood, Jessica was diagnosed with dyslexia. With a troubled past, she needed some respite from the hardships and trauma she was already undergoing.
She found solace in writing poetry. She would write verses for her mom, who loved it and encouraged her to become a writer. However, being dyslexic, she never thought she would have enough courage to write and become a published author. But as we say, fate favors the brave; lady luck had something extraordinary for her in store.

Getting Past the Fear of Writing With Dyslexia

Despite suffering from dyslexia, she gathered the courage to write about her past experiences. She decided to share her story with the world, which led her to come up with an exciting, engaging, and inspiring story about self-awareness, personal strength, and devotion, You Have to Feel to Deal, highlighting her ordeal and how she survived the harsh conditions and emerged stronger with a firm belief in God.