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For Author & Write
Grow Through What
You Go Through

Jessica Sauls’ new book, You Have to Feel to Deal, conveys a key
message and motivates you to deal with the pain to heal it.


For Author & Write
Jessica Sauls
– A Truly Gifted Writer

A dyslexic writer who turned her deficiency into her strength, leveraging her
exceptional writing skills to come up with an inspirational autobiography.


For Author & Write
Life’s Not Always
Bed Of Roses:
Learn the Art
of Healing

Life keeps on throwing bricks at you. Learn the deal to heal yourself.
You Have to Feel to Deal is the perfect book for you.


The Greatest Of Writer

Life’s not a bed of roses. And Jessica’s life was no different. Hurt, hatred, rejection, pain, disgust – if you have experienced such feelings, you are not alone. In Jessica’s words, “we are in it together.”



You Have to Feel to Deal

“Just like there’s always time for pain, there’s always time for healing.” – Jennifer Brown
Jessica Sauls takes a candid approach in You Have to Feel to Deal, highlighting her struggling journey through pain and how she managed to fight against all odds to realize her strength.

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